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The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework was introduced by amendments to the Local Government Act (with accompanying Regulation and Guidelines) in 2009. It requires local councils to undertake 'whole-of-council' long, medium and short term planning and comprises the following key elements: 

The long-term Community Strategic Plan (CSP), based on the outcomes of engagement with the community, establishes a vision and goals which flow through consideration of the Resourcing Strategy to the specific activities and actions in the four year Delivery Program and yearly Operational Plan; all subject to ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Other strategic plans may elaborate on the CSP. Overall review of the framework coincides with the council four year election cycle and other review requirements (such as local land-use plans).

The framework promotes vertical integration - with community-based objectives informed by state-level plans and cascading down through to implementation - and horizontal integration, across Council traditional functional areas, attempting to break down existing 'silos'.

More detail on these elements is provided on the OLG website.