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Further information and useful resources


Cessnock Health and Well-being Plan 2017-2021

"The Health and Well-being Plan 2017-2021 (the Plan) provides Cessnock City Council (Council) with strategic direction for how it can play its part in improving the health status of residents living within the local government area. The aim of the Plan is to provide Council with localised actions that encourage healthy environments, liveable communities and well-being."


The Kiama Health Plan

This Plan is principally designed to influence how sections of Council can work together to develop a healthier community within the Municipality.


Penrith Health Action Plan

"In a landmark initiative, Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District and Penrith City Council have joined forces to develop a Health Action Plan for the Penrith community. The Health Action Plan focuses on health promotion and the prevention and early intervention of health issues.

The collaboration - one involving all three levels of government - marks a significant step in establishing greater community awareness about the importance of health and taking action early when health issues arise."


Penrith City Council's Cooling the City Strategy 2015

The Cooling the City Strategy is designed to make Penrith a better place to live, by addressing the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.


Sydney Local Health District Building Better Health Guide

The purpose of this brief guide is to provide a reference for the range of health issues that should be routinely considered in relation to developments in SLHD. Building Better Health is intended for both SLHD staff and other stakeholders (including planners, councils, and developers) in the planning and development process. For more comprehensive information about healthy urban developments, and when undertaking or reviewing significant development proposals, we recommend that the NSW Health Healthy Urban Development Checklist should also be consulted.